“Knowledge is action.
Knowledge is experience.
It does not persist.
Its durability is the moment.”
H. Hesse

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ThermoVersum is a thermodynamic research initiative of Dr. Christian Ihmels in cooperation with the Laboratory for Thermopysical Properties (LTP GmbH). The main objectives of ThermoVersum are experimental and theoretical thermodynamic investigations. The experimental determination of density and speed of sound as function of temperature and pressure for all fluid phases is important for the development of reliable equations of state.  

It is a widely unknown or unrecognized fact that the vapor-liquid critical points of pure compounds and also of mixtures form a sail-like surface in the three-dimensional space of temperature, pressure and molar volume or density. In the paper 'E.C. Ihmels The Critical Surface, J. Chem. Eng. Data, accepted for publication, 2010' (link to the paper will be added as soon as published) the phenomenon of the critical surface was published. Here some additional information and further developments are presented.



Scopes, objectives, ranges, equipment, (planned) projects

With support of the Labor fuer Messtechnik Stabinger (LfM Stabinger) and Anton Paar GmbH (both Graz, Austria) a new project for measurements and experiments with a Stabinger viscometer (SVM 3000) was lunched 5/2007. With this equipment viscosity and density measurements at atmospheric pressure between 0 and 105 °C (150 °C) (with counter cooling down to -50 °C) are possible. A new control and recorder software DynaSol AP-Express (for Anton Paar devices SVM3000 and DMA4000 / 4500 / 5000) was recently developed.

The experimental ThermoVersum part was started in 2004 with the first project phase, planning and obtaining the main experimental equipment. Since 2005 needed equipment (e.g. vacuum technology) was obtained and developed. In 2006 first test runs of selected equipment were performed. In 2007 the third phase was started and first speed of sound measurements as function of temperature and pressure were realized. Since 2007 main parts of the experimental equipment of the ThermoVersum project are located at the Laboratory for Thermopysical Properties (LTP GmbH) in Oldenburg, Germany.

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ThermoVersum was invented and initiated by Christian Ihmels. DynaSol and ThermoProp are trademarks of Christian Ihmels.

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